Kitchen Garden Workshop Summary 2023


3rd January 2024

A wonderful 2023 brought us many a kind word on our workshops:

‘Great content, super relevant and practical to take forward. Great pace and a varied learning approach through practical, theory, games. Fantastic tutor!’

‘Couldn’t be better’

‘Fresh uncategorised thinking. Perfect mixture of practical and theory.’
‘This course opened my thinking. It showed me the breadth of the concept of Permaculture. The design on the brainstorming session was wonderful. The food was also delicious.’

‘I really loved being around passionate people that are actively making a difference.’

‘Finding out what a huge, varied and deeply interesting subject this is. There is so much to learn! This is such a passion.’

‘I enjoyed the combination of theory and practical, being able to take things home is a treat. It was very interesting and useful. Tim is really great at building community while also inspiring people.’

‘I loved time to walk around the beautiful house gardens and getting to use the swimming pool. Yoga from an experienced teacher was a fantastic addition. Seeing the techniques that have been applied in the Kitchen Garden. Hearing from knowledgeable experts on how to save seeds, compost along with plenty of practical tips. Having a chance to be practical with activities such as bed building’

‘The food was absolutely delicious! I enjoyed the sessions in the garden- lots of interesting information and tips. Freedom to explore the grounds. Very well organised for the first Gardening Leave Retreat.’

‘Thank you, Tim, Claire, Fiona, Rosie, for such a special weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed it!’

We received some incredible feedback from a participant that put their new knowledge to work at home:

‘Picture 1 shows my parsnips (measured against a teaspoon) before my composting course with you. The second shows them this year with my new knowledge applied. Success!’